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"Ain't Born Typical"


Cleansing Products to Uplift the spirits

These are some items to may help cleanse our space or ourselves from any negativity we have picked up or could be lingering from stressful situations. Using sage, palo santo, herbs, resins, oils and incense can be a beautiful way to bring the loving, joyful energy back to your space when done with loving intention. Make sure to give an offering (act of Kindness, smoke from your ritual, plant a seed as examples) Always be thankful that we are blessed to be able to use these items with loving intention to cleanse our space and ourselves. There is no right or wrong way when done with love. If you don't see what you're looking for there is a large variety of cleansing and other items at the store.

All reiki charged items have a shipping cost and taxes so if you would prefer pickup please contact the store directly during business hours. We are committed to meeting your needs to the fullest extent possible however there will be times due to demand that items are out of stock. 

Out of our control :)

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