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"Ain't Born Typical"


    ​Use a pendulum as a guide..

These Pendulums are reiki charged and cleansed. They are a great tool that may help us with decision making, to ensure we have cleansed a space, to help us confirm what our intuition is telling us and to check that our chakras are in balance. They have many uses that may assist us in life.

Programming the Pendulum. You can program your pendulum by holding it above your hand and focusing on " what is my yes", be patient as it picks up your energy and shows you a direction, could be clockwise, back and forth. Once you confirm that yes, give thanks and then hold above your hand focusing on "what is my no", once again be patient as you await a direction. Once you confirm your no you can then start off with simple questions that you know the definite yes or no like your name, day of the week as examples. If an answer seems uncertain, swing the pendulum that is not your yes or no movement and look away allowing it to give you the answer without your influence.

All items have a shipping cost and taxes so if you would prefer pickup please contact the store directly during business hours. We are committed to meeting your needs to the fullest extent possible however there will be times due to demand that items are out of stock

Out of our control :)

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