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"Ain't Born Typical"


Crystals and their good Vibrations..

I have had a fascination with crystals for many years now, feeling they all have a beautiful energy and ability to help us in in our daily lives. My suppliers have been in the industry for many years, I trust their expertise and know that I am providing genuine crystals. I wear and work with them through meditation, creating crystal grids, clearing energy blocks in my chakras, setting intentions for manifestation, jewelry making and during Reiki sessions. I find we are drawn to certain ones and it is amazing that when we read about it's meaning, it often resonates with what we need help with in our lives. Crystals can't cure us but they can certainly help us in our daily lives, please continue to listen to any medical advice you may be given. Crystals can aid us in our journey. The pictures are to give an idea of the look and size of the crystal obviously won't be exact to the one you receive. If you don't see what you're looking for there might be something at the store :)

All Reiki Charged items have a shipping cost and taxes, if you would prefer pickup please contact the store directly during business hours. We are committed to meeting your needs to the fullest extent possible however there will be times due to demand that items are out of stock. Out of our control :)

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